Is it Time?

Trump Impeach

By:  N. Tru Bass




Everyone in America that has not always fit the mold of the moment has found themselves in a “go back to where you came from moment.”  It is usually delivered by a faction fringe weakling attempting to fit into the larger group.

The sitting president has showed his had this week as he started the week by attacking a small group of lawmakers, who are not likely to take it sitting down.   What he didn’t anticipate is Americans are getting tired of his bully tactics and white supremacist sentiment and are now speaking out.

This president has on his paternal side only been a member of this country for 3 generations.  His wife is working on her first.  More than 50% of the so called white population has been in North American for 3 generations or less.  While the median Black family has been in the America’s for more than 10 generations.

This pouting president is attempting to take control of something, that he can’t and should not be allowed to attempt.

The question that comes up should be; is it time for Trump to hit the bricks?  He has caused enough trouble already. He has bilked the coffers of the American people, literally gleaned it for all that he and his family could and has locked the American people into a perpetual debt cycle thats not likely to ever end.

Do you believe it is time for the people of the United States to demand an impeachment and possible a forcible removal of Donald Trump as president?

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