R. Kelly Arrested on 13 count Indictment

R. Kelly Indictment

R. Kelly, R&B singer has been chawed by the federal government with Kidnapping, Racketeering, forced labor and sexual exploitation of a child in a New York indictment opened in Brooklyn on Friday.

The 13 count indictment charges him with new sex crimes in Chicago and unsealed 18 pages of court documents alleging Kelly and members of his entourage recruited women and girls to “engage in illegal sexual activity with the singer.”

While others are said to have participated in picking out women and girls at concerts and other venues and arranged for them to travel to see Kelly.   Managers, assistants, bodyguards and others participated but Kelly is the only person charged.

The documents suggest the women and girls had to follow certain rules that include, Calling the singer “Daddy,” not looking at other men, and not leaving their rooms to eat or go the the bathroom without the singers permission.

Court documents go as far back as 1999, both in the US and abroad.  He is being accused of producing child pornography, asking minors to send him photographs, and having sex without disclosing that he had a sexually transmitted disease.

The 52-year old crooner was arrested in Chicago by Homeland Security investigations agents and the NYPD Public Safety Task Force after a separate indictment was pushed forward I federal court for the Northern District of Illinois.  He was taken into custody around 7 pm on Thursday.

A bail hearing is expected to be held early next week.



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