White House Spends Tax Payers dollars to Background Lawmaker

Rep. Omar

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

Emaill:  ntb@onenous.com


Just when you think the White House has hit rock bottom, they go lower.   I picture has been released suggesting Rep. Ilhan Omar has attempted to commit fraud against the immigration department.

With all that has happened in the past week, this type of attack on a lawmaker by the White House is appalling and just outright disgusting.  Omar is of Somali heritage and I’m sure there are some cultural differences, some we may be familiar and some not so much.

Going into this administration we knew the man that would occupy the oval office was a racist, sexist and abusive to women.  And there again there are some cultural differences even for a 2nd generation member of the Trump family.  We are familiar with his culture supporting white supremacy and chastity belts among other ways of oppressing to avoid competing.

For me what’s most frustrating is the use of tax payers dollars to do background work on such a trivial matter.  I amazon that if he is willing to spend thousands of dollars and man power to research such an issue, that has no meaning.  How many millions has he spent doing background on his real nemesis.

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