New Harriet Tubman $20 Delayed till 2028

Harriet Tubman

By:  N. Tru Bass


The White House white supremacy super-team has decided to delay the much anticipated Harriet Tubman $20 until the year 2028 and cited technical reasons.   Steven Mnuchin, the genius who figured a way to con working Americans from more of their income in taxes while providing more tax havens and breaks for the super wealthy, announced on Monday.

He said in a statement,"This is a non-political situation where the primary objective of changing the currency is to stop counterfeiting.”  This is the same guy who was challenged for flying around the world on a government plane while his wife promoted her brands.

The American people believe its a delay tactic while CNN reported three current or former government officials appointed by President Barack Obama and involved in the redesign said that Mnuchin has followed a timeline set under the Obama administration.

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