French Rapper Fined and Charged for inciting Violence agains whites

Nick Conrad

By:  N. Tru Bass



The aggression agains Blacks and other minorities are causing a response by people of color and other minorities.  Police officers shooting unarmed men and women and the killing of citizen like Sandra Bland have people up in arms.

A French rapper has been fined by nearly $10,000 and lost his job as a hotel receptionist for a Youtube video that depicts white people being killed.   The charge was incitement to violence in the video called, “Hang White People.”

Nick Conrad is a self produced rapper who produced the video that portrays the torture and hanging of a white man.  The nine minute video has been removed from the site due to a violation of its terms of service.   Conrad denies being a racist and said that it was a fictional depiction of racism designed to shock his viewers.

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