Trump proves he is Above the Law

Above the Law

By:  N. Tru Bass



For the third time Houston lawmaker Al Green has asked for a vote to bring the sitting president to justice on his recent anti-social behavior.

On Wednesday morning on CSPAN D-Texas, 9th District Al Green said, We must do that which is right.  This has nothing to do with obstruction of justice, those who say this is going to hinder the obstruction investigation, not true.  I will not hinder it, just as what we did with condemnation did not.  This is an opportunity to go on record for history purposes to show your children our grandchildren, to show generations unborn that we had the courage and the spirit of 1868, the same issue was before the house of representatives with Andrew Johnson, and in article 10 of those impeachment articles was before them, they impeached him for his bigotry.

In a late afternoon vote the congress decided to ignore the resolution to impeach Trump solidifying his above the law status.  Ironically, on the same day that El Chapo is sentenced to life in prison.

It makes you wonder how long will the American people respect the law when it applies to some but not all.    Mr. Trump has conned people of the money, in the case of the Atlantic City Casino and Trump University.  He has rigged a federal election likely with the help of Russia and Vladmir Putin and has supported Nationalist organizations even in the death of a US citizen.

He has disrespected women in every way even saying “grab em by the pussy.”  In his lates immoral move he disrespected four US citizen and Congressional lawmakers by inviting them to go back to the country in which their family was born.  This from a man who is only a second generation American.


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