Chinese Investments in U.S. drop like a Rock

Chinese Investments Drop

By:  N. Tru Bass




While the White House is soaring with the sitting president increasing his net worth by more than 1000% since taking office other areas are suffering.  One noticeable area is Chinese investments in the U.S.

This administration has seen a 90% drop-off in Chinese investments due to distrust and harassment from the White House.  Industries directly effected are Silicon Valley start-ups and the New York real estate market along with state governments.  According to the,“The fact that the foreign direct investment has fallen so sharply is symbolic of how badly the economic relationship between the United States and China has deteriorated,” said Eswar Prasad, former head of the International Monetary Fund’s China division.

The growth of China’s investments was consistent and steady in the United States.  The areas of agriculture, tech an energy has enjoyed an upward surge.  As China’s economy boomed so did the Chinese investments in the U.S.  The new economic Cold War against China has completely reversed that trend.  In 2016 China invested $46.5 billion that amount is down $5.4 billion as of late 2018.

The first quarter of this year is marked at $2.8 billion maintaining the downward spiral.  U.S. imposed tariffs on Chinese goods and heavy scrutiny in foreign investments have slowed both countries interest in doing business.

Individual Chinese and American partnerships have also slowed.  The only faction of the economy are those companies and individuals in the top 1%.

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